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I was born in a little town in upstate New York called Johnson City.  In my life, I have lived in several different houses, in the varied chaos that is the modern south.  Though I am a New Yorker (or was, at least) at heart, my feet have spent more time stepping across the hills and plains of such southern locales as Tuskeegee, Alabama; Macon, Ga; and most recently, Tampa, Florida--with a host of rest stops in between. 
I'd like to think that my travels have made me a person whose perspective on the world is free of at least some of the xenophobia we find so prevalent in modern "society".  I am accustomed to being the outsider.
Enough about me, you want to know about my work.  I have been published in a few (very) small-scale publications, and am at work at going much bigger.  I am concerned in my work with some of the major ontological questions of the human spirit in our time.  Answers abound in this day and age, but my focus is on the question.
Writing is a solitary task.  But I recognize that we live in dire times, when the purpose of the creative venture is oftentimes conflated with the commercial venture.  We no longer create for beauty or for understanding (or over-standing); we create for capital.  And the human soul goes to waste.  So my proposition is to create another forum for the voices of people who feel similar; who are willing to find themselves in the articulation of their creative ventures; who do not eschew pain for the numbness of a life lived according to the book.
Who wrote the book, after all?
This website, and everything that follows or comes of it, is for all who have toiled in the hopes that truth would be the residue of lies; for everyone who has taught me along the way to be myself, to love myself, to love the beauty in all people; for my people, in whose arms I have wept, wilted and blossomed, and in whose stories I found the courage to love that which so many hate; and for all of the people who should have seen 22 with me this year, but whose time was shortened.  I have not forgotten.  I will not forget. 
RLE 2006


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